Garmin Striker 4 Review

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One of the best fish finder brands on the market is Garmin. And if you’re looking for an affordable option in their line of products, one fish finder that stands out is the Garmin Striker 4. In addition to being budget-friendly, it’s also easy to use, easy to install and it offers high performing CHIRP technology. If you want to take an in-depth look at the features and benefits of this fish finder, keep on reading our Garmin Striker 4 review.

Display and Control Features

Garmin Striker 4 ReviewGarmin Striker 4 comes with a small display that measures just 3.5 inches. On one hand, this size might make it difficult to read from a distance. But on the other hand, it makes the design portable, which also makes it a great choice for use on a kayak and small boats.

The display also features HVGA color and pixel matrix of 480×320. This provides great quality images with easy differentiation of the displayed information.

Another good feature of the display is backlighting, which you can adjust to get the best readability depending on the light conditions that you’re fishing in. This means that you can easily read the display even in direct sunlight.

Operation of the display is very easy and intuitive. It features a keypad with big buttons that make it easy to use even if you’re wearing gloves. These buttons are also clearly marked, providing control over the unit’s functions.

This unit also comes with a mount arm for the display. It tilts and swivels in different directions, so you can adjust to get the best viewing from any position.

The display of this fish finder is also built with a very rugged design. It features a rating of IPX7, which means that it’s waterproof and that it can survive splashes of water and rain without any damage.


Sonar Features

Garmin Striker 4 sonarThis Garmin fish finder also offers great sonar features. It comes with a transducer, that you can install using either transom or trolling motor mount options. It also includes a 20 foot cable.

As for its sonar capabilities, the transducer is 77/200kHz capable. This means that you can use either a narrow conical beam or a wide one. The two options are 15 degrees for 200kHz and 45 degrees for 77kHz. When you want to scan a larger area of the underwater, you can use the 45 degree conical beam angle. And when you want to get more detail and reach deeper, you can use the 15 degree angle.

You can view these returns of these two sonar beams separately or side by side in a split-screen. The advantage of the split view is that it allows you to compare the information to get a better understanding of what is underwater.

Additionally, the Garmin Striker 4 is also capable of Mid and High CHIRP sonar. When using this technology, the fish finder sends a continuous range of frequencies and then interprets each one of their returns separately. This results in receiving a wider range of information and more clarity displayed in the images.

It makes it easier to separate targets and other underwater objects. For example, if there’ll be a group of fish swimming through the sonar beam, the CHIRP technology will be able to display several smaller targets instead of just one big one.

This fish finder also has great depth capability. Its scan can reach 1,600 feet in freshwater and 750 feet in saltwater. However, keep in mind that the actual maximum scanning depth will depend on the water bottom type, the speed of your boat and water conditions.

Other sonar features include:

  1. Fish Symbol ID. When using the fish finder, you can choose the unit to display either fish arches or fish icons. The fish icons are an especially useful option for beginner anglers since it makes it very easy to identify fish and their depth.
  2. Auto gain.
  3. A-Scope. This mode displays a vertical flasher that shows instantaneously if there’s fish passing through the sonar beam.
  4. Flasher mode. This mode uses a depth scale in circular form. It provides real-time information on fish passing through the beam. The sonar returns are displayed in different flashing segments on the circular form. These flashing segments show bottom structure and depth of fish.
  5. Ultrascroll. By adjusting the scroll speed, you can choose the speed at which the sonar images move across the screen. And this fish finder additionally offers the Ultrascroll feature, which can be useful for scanning the water when you’re moving at high speeds.
  6. Temperature reading. The transducer also includes a temperature sensor, so you can also track the temperature of the water.

Navigation Features

Garmin Striker 4 navigation featuresGarmin Striker 4 also comes with an internal GPS module. However, it does not include chartplotter capabilities. Instead, it offers a blank screen where you can track your routes.

One of the features of the GPS system in this fish finder is the waypoint saving function. For example, if you find a location with a lot of fish, you can mark it and have the GPS system guide you back to it later again. Moreover, you can use the waypoint system to mark docks, boat ramps and other points of interest.

The fish finder’s GPS receiver will also track your speed. This can be useful for making sure that you’re traveling at the right speed for the lure you’re using or the type of fish you’re targeting.


Garmin Striker 4 Pros and Cons

  • 3.5 inch color display.
  • Split screen viewing.
  • Dual frequency.
  • CHIRP sonar.
  • Flasher mode.
  • A-Scope.
  • 200W RMS transmitting power.
  • Fish Symbol ID.
  • Auto gain.
  • Ultrascroll.
  • Water temperature and speed sensor.
  • Can save up to 5,000 waypoints.
  • Affordable.
  • The unit cover only comes as an extra.
  • No chartplotter capability.
  • No NMEA connectivity.
  • Small screen.

Final Thoughts

In all, if you’re for an affordable fish finder with great sonar capabilities and GPS features, then the Garmin Strike 4 is definitely one of the best options for your fishing gear. Its premium features and functionality are unmatched by any other fish finder on the market. It does have a small screen, but that makes it a better option for smaller boats and kayaks.

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