ReelSonar iBobber Review

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The iBobber is one of the best castable fish finders. It was one of the first finders to operate through syncing with a smartphone and over the years, it has only gained popularity. What makes this fish finder so amazing? It’s the powerful sonar performance and other innovative features about which you can learn in more detail below in this ReelSonar iBobber review.

ReelSonar iBobber Features

iBobber Connectivity

The iBobber fish finder uses Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your smartphone device. You can sync it with devices that use iOS or Android operating systems. You can even sync it with your Google Watch or Apple Watch. Whatever device you choose, just make sure that it uses Bluetooth Smart 4.0.

ReelSonar iBobber ReviewOne advantage of viewing sonar on your smartphone is that you decide the screen size to have. You can choose it to be smaller or bigger. For example, if you want the biggest size, you could use your tablet. And while other fish finders that come with dedicated large displays can cost $500 and upward, this device costs a lot less.

There’s also an advantage to using Bluetooth over Wi-Fi connection. Bluetooth uses less power and as a result, you get longer battery life. With this fish finder, you can get about 10 hours of continuous use, which is enough for a long day out fishing. However, keep in mind that using the fish finder will also deplete your phone’s battery. Though, Bluetooth is not as battery draining as Wi-Fi.

The fish finder features a built-in rechargeable battery. It also includes a compact charging station. On top of that, it comes with a small carrying pouch that fits inside both the sonar unit and the battery charger.

To be able to view all the sonar feedback on your smartphone, iBobber offers a free app. In this app, you have control over the sonar features, as well as other functions of the unit. For example, one of the additional features is social media sharing. This allows you to share with friends your sonar information, trip logs or the created maps.

iBobber Sonar

The iBobber comes with a compact sonar unit. This device is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand or in your pocket. This makes it easily portable, so you can take it to any of your fishing spots.

ReelSonar iBobber sonarFor sonar, iBobber uses the brand’s patented fish identifier technology. It provides good performance in both fresh and salt water. However, it works best in fresh water, in lakes and rivers. This is due to the fact that the maximum reach of its scan is 135 feet deep, so it wouldn’t work in deep waters.

When considering the range of this finder, it’s also important to keep in mind its Bluetooth range. To keep the fish finder and your smartphone connected, they should be within 100 feet, which is plenty enough if you’re casting the sonar unit from the shore or boat, or if you’re trailing it behind a kayak.

iBobber sonar provides effective locating of fish and structure. The sonar unit additionally features a temperature sensor, so you’ll also get a measurement of water temperature.

The unit’s sonar uses the 118 kHz frequency to transmit a beam that is 90 degrees wide. This wide covers a large area but works better in shallower waters with a depth range between 4 to 135 feet.

For the sonar to be activated, the unit to be placed in the water. As for shutting down, it automatically happens after some time of the device being out of the water.

Sonar returns are displayed in the form of fish icons tagged with the depth that they are located at. The fish icons can be of two sizes, so you can estimate if the fish is bigger or smaller. In addition to fish icons, the screen also displays the depth range and bottom structure.

Using the app on your smartphone, there are a few other sonar features that you can use. For example, you can set up fish and strike alarms. The fish alarm can be used when you want to be notified of a fish that swims into the sonar beam.


iBobber App

There are also other functions that you can use in the iBobber app. For one, there’s the ability to log your trips. By tapping the GPS tagging button on the screen, you can create a trip log. It would automatically save the date, time and location, but you could additionally input other details. For example, you could name your trip, specify the type of fishing, the lures used and the fish that you have caught. And then all this information can be shared with friends through social media platforms, mail or text.

Another feature is the waterbed mapping. You just need to cast out and then reel in the sonar unit. As you reel it in, the device will map bottom contours. This can be helpful for locating structures where the fish can be hiding. For example, it can help in finding dropoffs and weed beds.

There are two more features that you get in the application. They are the lunar calendar and weather reports. In the lunar calendar, you can view moon phases, and in weather reports, you can view the temperature, the percentage chance of rain, wind speed and barometric pressure.

Versatile Use

What makes the iBobber fish finder a favorite for so many users is its versatile use. It comes with two snap swivel connections, so you can choose to use it as a fish finder or as a bobber. You could use the iBobber from a dock, shore or kayak. You could also use it for ice fishing.

iBobber Pros and Cons

  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Versatile use.
  • Syncs with a smartphone.
  • Comes with a free app.
  • Uses patented fish identifier technology.
  • Can reach up to 135 feet depth.
  • Features an LED beacon.
  • 10 hours of battery life.
  • Trip logging.
  • Waterbed mapping.
  • Lunar calendar and weather.
  • Includes 2 snap swivel connections.
  • Low price.
  • Limited depth.
  • Not as accurate as more expensive fish finders.
  • It will drain your smartphone battery.
  • Limited detail representation on screen.
  • Doesn’t work well in choppy water.


Final Thoughts

In all, if you’re looking for an affordable castable fish finder, the iBobber does make a good option. However, don’t expect the advanced features and the level of performance that you’d find in more expensive fish finders. And it’s up to you to decide if the advantages of this fish finder outweigh the disadvantages.

If you have a higher budget and would prefer to get a smartphone fish finder with a higher level of performance, we recommend checking out the Deeper Pro+ Smart Sonar.

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